The Outer Reaches of Inner Space

by Stewart Walker written for the artist



Such wisened hands

begin with cool moist earth.

Wedged and crafted

as long snake-like coils

are tamed and guided into place,

pinched and smoothed,

building up

curving out and back in.



Entered into the crucible of heat and time

baked until crystallized

emerging from kiln as red burning

primeval glowing globe.

Cooled by surrounding atmosphere

which bath it's inner and outer edges.

Air, compelled to circulate

as it absorbs the heat.



How is it that the colors and textures

are then summoned

to enliven an outer surface?

The alchemy of metallic compounds

swirled into some occult brew

to be painted and plastered on this shell,

whose true appearance is hidden

and unknowable

necessarily awaiting the second fire.



The most careful calibration

of heat and time

and reduction of oxygen

causes dark and delicate weblike cracking,

like rivers crossing through

now emergent continents of colored mass.

In this way

simple clay is transformed,

and something new is called to stand out

into existence

like a planet newly born.




But beyond even beauty and uniqueness,

cosmic function begs understanding.

a perfect container is created,

empty of all things

yet so full of gently rounded spaces.


This ideal form,

mostly sphere-like,

with such vital opening

so that consciousness might reach into

this inner space

and so, also,

from it's cocoon,

space can reach out to fill

this boundless universe.

The portal allows the interplay,

the breathing in and out,

this very dance

we know as creation.

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