HyperLook (aka HyperNeWS (aka GoodNeWS))

This is a collection of stuff about HyperLook, maintained by Don Hopkins.

What is HyperLook? It's a user interface environment for NeWS, that was designed by Arthur van Hoff, at the Turing Institute in Glasgow. HyperLook was previously known as HyperNeWS, and GoodNeWS before that.

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Open windows with HyperLook

HyperLook is an interactive application design system, that lets you develop advanced multimedia systems, via simple direct manipulation, property sheets, and object oriented programming. It releases the full power of OpenWindows to the whole spectrum of users, ranging from casual users who want a configurable desktop and handy presentation tools, to professional programmers who want to push the limits in interactive mulltimedia.

You design interfaces by taking fully functional components from an object warehouse. You lay them out in your own window, configure them with menus and property sheets, define their appearance in colorful PostScript fonts and graphics, and write scripts to customize their behavior.

You can write applications in C or other languages, that communicate with HyperLook by sending high level messages across the network. They need not worry about details like layout, look and feel, or fonts and colors. You can edit HyperLook applications while they're running, or deliver them in an uneditable runtime form.

HyperLook is totally extensible and open ended. It comes with a toolkit of user interface classes, property sheets, and warehouses of pre-configured components with useful behavior.

Earlier versions have been in use at more than 300 sites worldwide, to build presentations, prototype user interfaces, create gis systems, control robots, model satellites, monitor sensors, control processes, implement games and serve as a front end for databases, machine learning and expert systems.


The HyperLook runtime system lets you run uneditable HyperLook applications. It includes many interesting demos, presentations and useful stacks, including a fully functional drawing tool.


Included with the free HyperLook Runtime


The HyperLook runtime system is availiable for free via anonymous ftp, from the following systems:


The HyperLook product allows you to develop HyperLook applications, and create interactive presentations, that you can deliver in an uneditable form with the free HyperLook runtime system.

Included with the HyperLook Product


Tools and Stacks


Promotional stacks

The promotional stacks demonstrate how colorful effective presentations can be created, without programming, using HyperLook.