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Marius Johnston (
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 17:09:37 -0700

Sounds right to me at least in part.

A Guide to the Collecting and Care of Original Prints (Zigrosser and Gaehde)
sponsored by the Print Council of America states"
"Editions of prints do not have to be limited and were not limited in the past...
But if it is claimed that an edition is limited, it must be limited in fact. Wach
print should bear an indication of the maximum size of the edition. It follows
that the artist may be free to print less, but not more, than the number

"When the total edition has been printed, it is advisable for the artist to destroy
the master design..."

The question of multiple editions does not arise because the artist has destroyed
or significantly altered the plate, stone, block or what have you.

To make another one is to make a new "original print" with its edition y/xx (y
print out of an edition of xx)

The idea of multiple editions belongs to reproductions or books etc.

Having said all of that, following the advise of Jaxon is honest but technically
incorrect :-)

Marius Johnston

jaxun wrote:

> Mary C. Vollero wrote:
> > hi guys i need some advice.
> > I printed a digital photo large, 40x35
> > sold two prints of it, told the buyers it was an edition of 2 (first
> > mistake)...
> >From my perspective, having considered such things myself, I'd say it would be
> best to call the first edition just that: the first edition.
> There's nothing ethically questionable about publishing multiple editions of any
> given piece of art. However, I would be sure to draft some sort of certificate
> to that end, specifying the first edition consisted of 2 prints at 40x35 (in
> whatever medium you chose), the second edition consists of x number of prints at
> whatever size, etc. Issue the certificate to your customers stating the edition
> size, and just be sure to stick to the edition size.
> If anyone has any suggestions of how to go about getting a third party to
> validate the edition (like fine art publishers such as Cone Editions, etc.) I
> would be interested in hearing more about this issue myself. I'm thinking about
> approaching the printers I go thru (Robyn Color in SF, owners of the amazing
> Lightjet 5000) about this issue, but I'm not sure what questions to ask.
> cheers,
> -jaxun

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