Contemporary Digital Art: new online exhibits
Wed, 9 Sep 98 02:58:01 EDT


Note: I tried to find a targeted list of contemporary art addresses. I apologize if this message is not
appropriate for you or your organization.

You are invited to view three online digital art exhibits by Rick Doble, designed specifically for the
Internet. All sites are free and non-commercial. Most sites load very fast and include original
animation. Doble has a Masters Degree in Communications and has been a professional and
exhibiting photographer for 30 years. More background information is available at the sites.

If you would like to link to my sites or post any of my images or articles on your web site, please
send me an email ( I am very open to working with other web sites and
will gladly entertain any new ideas.
This general page links to all the sites listed below. Bookmark this page; as new sites are added
and modified, links will be announced and updated here.
"Snowflake Splendor" - An exhibit of colorful magnified snowflakes derived in part from the work of
W. A. Bentley. This site has received praise from around the world.
"The Digital Rambler" - These undoctored photos were taken with a Casio QV-100 camera. What
you see (in most cases) is exactly what was in the camera. This site is for a different kind of imagery
that is fast, spontaneous and unmanipulated.
"Woman in Motion" - digital imagery from a museum exhibit. These tasteful nude figure studies were
derived in part from the work of Eadweard Muybridge.

About thirty web sites from around the world have linked to and/or featured my site. See the web
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