y2k information ... educate yourselves and ask lots of questions!

jaxun (jaxun@idiom.com)
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 12:21:44 -0700

Greetings my artist friends both near and abroad!

I've recently become intensely interested in the impending challenge we
all face when January 1st of the year 2000 arrives, sooner even than
that, as computer systems of all kinds around the world experience
potentially long-term shutdown due to a significantly widespread
limitation for those computers to process dates beyond that day.

Many companies, public and private organzations, and departments of
state and federal US governments have begun testing solutions on their
own computer systems, but still have to implement testing of those
solutions, so it cannot be known until that is completed which of those
companies or organizations can confidently say their system "is now Year

2000 Compliant". There are far more companies and organizations who
don't have the immense resources to analyze every program or computer
they use, or are simply going to "wait and see what happens". Even
those who are prepared are still affected if those vital peripheral
systems or services they rely on are unavailable.

I'm groggy from the realization of the implications. It has taken over
my consciousness. I will spend the next 3 months studying the potential

impact on my entire existence.

This situation requires immediate action on the part of people
world-wide to consider the potential impact of vital computer systems -
controlling power, food, money, and fuel distribution, as well as
communications systems and the computers used by air traffic
controllers- shutting down in patterns we in the US, as major members of

a globally-connected grid of communications and power generation, cannot

yet safely predict! It is likely to affect everyone in a significant
way both directly and indirectly, but we must make our own informed
decisions about how we will prepare as individuals and as communities.

Start here.


Do your own research, and keep doing it! Consider each piece of
information carefully, and don't just take someone's "word for it" about

what is or isn't going to happen, even my initial ramblings. Use your
own mind and heart to decide what to prepare for. Go now. There is
little time to sit idle on this.

I would like to hear your feedback on this!!! I need every perspective
I can gather to measure the general acknowledgment level of the people
in my world. I feel it is absolutely imperative that we open a
at the very least!

Away I go!