Re: FWD: MEDIA RELEASE : One Nation threatens action against Virtual Artists!

Marius Johnston (
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 15:12:41 -0700

Well, this asks for a rational definition which is not
totally impossible.

Maybe it is more fruitful to understand why there is
"pornography". I think that the concept of "porno" can be
understood best as a "Taboo". Every society has taboos and
they appear to be, particularly to the outsider, as
irrational. Yet taboos serve an important function within a
society. The most important function is that they contribute
to the "glue" that holds society together. They help
define, give self-defininition, to a particular society.

Sexual taboos exist in most if not all societies and they
are important. They moderate and guide behavior thus
avoiding conflict (there is much more).

If society has a "sense of who it is", then its members have
a sense of who they are.

We have seen what happens in society when taboos are

Marius Johnston

Tom Coffin wrote:

> what is pornography?
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