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One Nation threatens action against Virtual Artists!

Is it the act of childbirth or 'blackness' that so offends Pauline Hanson?

In response to the censorship of a digitally produced artwork during the
LOUD festival in February this year, Virtual Artists Pty Ltd, nationally
acclaimed Internet Developers, and sponsors of the LOUD Festival,
re-exhibited the youth artists' work on another web site dedicated to
Humility. The image, by an artist known as 'The Issue' is a representation
of 'Pauline Hanson' giving birth to a black baby.

Today the image aroused reaction from the One Nation Party. VA's
Information Manager, Fiona Sprott took a phone call from One Nation's Web
Master, requesting the removal of the image within the hour, or to expect
a "visit from our lawyers". A 'screen capture' of the image will
apparently be passed onto Ms Hanson herself, if the image is not removed
within the hour. The phone call closed with an officious "consider
yourselves alerted and warned".

Virtual Artists are no strangers to controversy, and sponsor a range of web
sites which focus on social and political issues. Information Director
Jesse Reynolds said "The Artist known as The Issue has given me permission
to reproduce the image on my personal website, in the interests of the
common good. I believe One Nation are an international disgrace for
Australia and I for one want to speak out against them."

"If One Nation want to take us on, we will fight, and we will win," said a
defiant Dave Sag, Managing Director of VA. "The right to free speech is a
right we enjoy, and a right our company will always defend. The image is
clearly satirical. Pauline Hanson and her band of ratbags will find no
sympathy for their Nazi antics here."

For more information contact Virtual Artists on 08 8223 2288, or by email
at The website in question can be found at which also features quicktime of Bill Gates
getting creamed.

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