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LOCUS+ projects:


a public art project
Ukrainian Education and Cultural Centre,
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Art Metropole,
Toronto, Ontario

April - June 1998

Nine years ago, on April 26 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power station
disaster occurred in the Ukraine. Soviet fire-fighters were allocated three
minutes each by the authorities to physically clear radioactive debris from
the roof of the power station. For this task, they were issued with basic
protective clothing which was insufficient to block out the effects of the
radiation. Since then, many have died.

On April 26 1998, the twelfth anniversary of the disaster visual artist
Stefan Gec will present "Natural History", consisting of six 4.5 metre x 3
metre portraits of the first six fire-fighters - Nikolai Vasilievich
Vashchuk, Vasilii Ivanovich Ignatenko, Victor Nikolaevich Kibenok, Vladimir
Pavlovich Pravik, Nikolai Ivanovich Titenok and Vladimir Ivanovich
Tishchura - to have died. These scanachrome portraits (photographic
reproductions on vinyl), measuring a total length of 18 metres, will look
down from the roof of the Ukrainian Education and Cultural Centre in

According to Gec, "this piece will work on several levels. Firstly, as a
memorial to the firemen, which attempts to identify such a large-scale
tragedy with individuals and members of their families. Secondly, the work
will attempt to unite the two fire brigades [Soviet and Canadian] through a
public display of sympathy and reverence. It will not only look back at the
accident, but will also reflect on the ever present possibilities of death
which every fire-fighter faces on a daily basis."

Stefan Gec, a second-generation Ukrainian, has examined, through his work
as an artist, links between his ancestral homeland and Britain since 1988.
Documentation of other works can be seen on our website.

This work "Natural History" has been seen in Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
Bracknall, Ottawa and Derry. Details from Shirley Madill, Winnipeg Art
Gallery (204) 786 6641.

In addition to this there will be an exhibition of Stefan Gec's multiples
and Locus + publications at Art Metropole in Toronto (April - May). The
multiples include the Ukrainian Firemans Tunic Button (22ct gold. Ed 10),
the Childrens Mathematics Exercise Book (ed 10) and a selection of Falconry
Hoods. Details from Anne Dean (416) 703 4400.

Stefan Gec's catalogue, Trace Elements (ISBN 1 899377 05 0), contains
details of his work since 1988 as well as details of his journey to the
Ukraine and Chernobyl to compile a diary of photographic images and oral
histories of people affected by the disaster.

Art Metropole exhibit and distribute artists books and multiples for
further details e mail: ,

Locus+ is an arts organisation based Newcastle upon Tyne, England that
develops new strategies with visual artists for different contexts and
across formats.

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