Original works of art

NY (palomon@caribe.net)
Sat, 07 Mar 1998 08:39:35 +0000

Since I work in a digital medium, my original will be the concept that
I prepared with the aid of the computer and saved in a digital
format. After that, you can have "original" prints of a series, etc..
original referring to that they are the exact copies of the digital
file. When I add or change anything in the file, it becomes another
thing, another original... If someone changes something to the digital
version, he is messing with my work. If he/she damages a print, I don't
care, that is not my original... I save the images to ZIPs, those are
my works of art. I can make them be reproduced and distributed
electronically or reprinted anytime from this "original". They are as
"original" as I left them when I placed the last pixel on the file.
We can not compare this media to previous ones, for it is a different
thing, so we have to go along with the new technology adapting or
inventing a new meaning to past words, or we get stuck in the past and
do not evolve.


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