Re: digital "originals"

Samia A. Halaby (
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 20:41:39 -0500 (EST)

Hellow all,
I feel that the concept of a single original in digital art needs to
be replaced with the concept of many equall copies of original art.
Duplicates are exchangeable with the first rendition. Another question
arises in comparing hard copy to the monitor. Is what we see on the monitor
the original and all the prints just copies.
I think it would be bad to destroy the file when the edition is
printed. In computer prints we still do not know how long they will last
before they fade.
But then in computer art we still have very little that will last.
Machines and platforms change and in 30 years we may not be able to view
current files.
Samia A. Halaby

>I was talking with a friend today about how a digital artist designated an
>electronic image as an "original". I haven't considered this issue yet,
>and was wondering what perspective those of you reading might have about
>What do you do with the file after the "last edition" of a print is
>reproduced? Are you/we expected to erase it as is expected of a
>lithograph plate for traditional art?
>Thanks for you time!
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