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March 1, 1998


The second leg of the GRAMMATRON World Tour is moving into the
home-stretch. After successful presentations at many prestigious
events in the Fall of 1997 including the Ars Electronica Festival
in Linz, the International Symposium of Electronic Art at the Art
Institute of Chicago, and the International Biennial of Film and
Architecture in Graz, the GTRON program is about to take off for

On Sunday, March 8th, at the Ngapartji Multimedia Centre in
Adelaide (South Australia), the Australian Network of Art and
Technology (ANAT), in association with the Telstra Adelaide Arts
Festival, will be presenting FOLDBACK, a day long forum on media,
techno-sound and screen culture celebrating the tenth anniversary
of ANAT's existence as Australia's peak network agency for
artists working with technology.

The Telstra Adelaide Arts Festival is considered Australia's
Foremost event in contemporary art. As one of the few events
Profiling technology-based art, FOLDBACK is an integral aspect of
the Adelaide Festival. The event takes place on a Sunday, forming
a bridge between the themes explored during both Writers' Week
and Artists' Week. According to a recent press release from
ANAT, "[d]rawing connections between the often divergent cultures
of art, writing and sound, FOLDBACK seeks to dispel the
assumption that media art belongs only in a visual arts context."
Forming a living biography of ANAT's past and present, the event
will feature many of Australia's most exciting transdisciplinary
artists and Alt-X's Mark Amerika has been invited to deliver the
keynote address.

Amerika's keynote address and appearance at the Telstra Adelaide
Arts Festival will be followed by a lecture/performance tour
Throughout Australia where he will be presenting both the Alt-X
and GRAMMMATRON projects to audiences in Perth (March 18th at the
Perth Institute for Contemporary Art), Sydney (The Performance
Space, date TBA), and Brisbane (March 24th at the Institute for
Modern Art).

For updates on all FOLDBACK events, including the tour, go to:

For information on the Telstra Adelaide Arts Festival go to:

For information on Mark Amerika, The Alt-X Online Network or