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jaxun (
Sat, 03 Jan 1998 23:36:45 -0800

Hey people!

I apparently had way too much free time on my hands tonite at work, and
started playing around on the California DMV's website
( Why? Because I'm trying to come up with a
personalized license plate that reflects my career goal of being an
artist (and my razor wit, and the clever ways I avoid work, etc.,
etc.). The DMV has a search engine that'll let you find out if a vanity
plate you want has been taken yet or not.

So below are 44 samples I came up with (did I say waaaay too much free
time?) that aren't taken, and I want you all to help me pick one. Why?
Because I want people to validate my choice of free-time activities so I
don't feel like I was really just fooling around abusing company
resources. And also partly because there hasn't been much traffic on
this list for awhile. Go ahead! It'll be fun!!!

Choose your 4 favorites and e-mail me back with your choices. Some of
them are painfully witty, and others are tragically not quite so witty
that they cause pain. I'll hold a run-off for the winner from those
chosen in this round.

Thanks for letting me present you with this totally pointless activity!
And Happy New Year!


___________________The Contenders______________________
arteous artious artius artifyd
artb4me artojax artbyjr arthole
artyfrt artbyte artbits artbomb
artbomz artpixl artwonk artbuda
artttra artwerx all4art artol8r
artig8r artheal fnartly fnartle
acidart artburn cre8ist cre8ory
artive artly artodei artmage
arteye arteyes myi4art art2buy
igotart art2dei bitart artfire
artdork artgeek artspaz artgoof

p.s. Can you *believe* "artgeek" isn't taken?!? What luck!

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