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Nid (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 08:11:48 -0400


I would like to share my happiness with you all.

I am am thrilled about the fact that one of my recent creations will be

published in the Electronic Publishing magazine issue of December, the
Gallery Section. This is nearly as good for me as selling my art.

I received a called from the editor yesterday and I am as happy as I can

be. The image had originally been submitted (part of my self promotion
activities) to Computer Artist magazine on September, but this
publication is closing and some of the sections will be covered in
Electronic Publishing. For their new section, they have selected from
previous submissions to Computer Artist ...

Luckily, of the many hundreds of images that they receive for
publication, one of mine was selected (second time in same magazine).
This is good promotion! I asked ( and hope I am granted) permission to
quote my page site on the copy that will be included below the image, so

we can all benefit from the advertising. Look for it on December! ( I
will send a reminder, don't worry!)

_Nidia @

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