Selling Art: An Update...

Lile Elam ((no email))
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 15:22:44 -0700 (PDT)

Hi folks,

Well I ended up selling my art piece that I was so attached
to. It was difficult but I realized it was probably best for
me to let it go.

The woman was really cool about the whole thing. She came to my
studio and after looking at my art, decided that she wanted to
invest in my work. She wants to purchase works from the time
when I took up creating art again (in 1990), on up through the
present. This is the first woman patron I have had and it's
pretty exciting.

Anyways, when she saw this piece, she decided she wanted it and
asked if I would sell it. I thought for a moment, tryng to decide
if I was ready to let it go and after a few moments, I said she
could have it. I did let her know that I couldn't sell it to
just anyone but that I felt ok with her having it.

She was pretty gental about it. She left a check for it and
let me keep the painting so that I could have more time with it
and make sure that I was ready to let it go. We planned to meet
at a art store where I would help her in selecting the framing.

It was after she had left and the elation of the event wore
off that I started to feel anxiety about letting the piece go.
Being able to share my feelings with artists on this list
really helped me and I appreciate all your supportive thoughts
and suggestions you have offered in relation to this whole issue.

It helped me to decide to let it go. After a week, I called her
up and confirmed with her that I would sell the painting. She invited
me over for dinner and I brought the piece to her. It was nice because
we could see how it would look in her space. She had also just bought
a laptop and I was helping her get connected to the Internet. Being
able to mix hacking with art made me feel even more comfortable about
the whole situation. I then took the painting back home with me that
evening so that I could sign it and get it photographed.

Regarding the sale, I asked that she agree to the following:

1. The painting would not be intentionally altered or

2. All reproduction rights would belong to me.

3. If requested, she would allow the painting to be
shown in a show or exhibition of my works.

4. And finally, if she ever wanted to sell the painting,
I would have the first option to buy it from her.

She had no problems with this and was more than happy to comply
with my requests.

We planned to meet at an art store the following weekend and I
would help her in selecting the frame and mat. We are both so
new to this as I never seem to have the funds to frame my works
and this is a first time for her in buying art. The shop keeper
was really helpful which was great.

My patron was teasing me, telling him that there was another piece
she wanted which was hanging in my studio which she is working on
getting me to sale but is not sure she will be able to get it...
that this piece we were framing wasn't even hanging and I had a
hard time letting it go. :)

After we selected the mat/frame/glass, she had to dash to meet
with a client so I and the store keeper were left there to finish
up. I purchased a bottle of indian ink and quill and signed the
back of the painting with the date I painted it, the title and
my signature of just "Lile". I managed to get ink all over my hands
and when I went to look at the signage, the store keeper wisked away
the painting saying I was a danger to the world with all that ink
on my hands! So I washed them and let it go...

I feel alot better about selling this piece. I finally went to the
bank and deposited her check and that's when it felt final... Though
she said that if I ever changed my mind, to let her know. She was
so gental about it all. That really helped me alot.

It's funny how I feel that I will be know as a famous artist
one day. And that these things matter. Prehaps it's just all in
my head and that it will never come to pass... just my ego
out of wack. :)

One thing that I do know is that I am now feeling inspired to
create more. Somehow letting this piece go has freed up my
creative energy and I have started to think more about paints
and spreading them on canvas and paper...