fears of the artist...

jaxun (jaxun@idiom.com)
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 22:29:03 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Lile,

In 2 letters, I think you addressed 2 of the most common fears held by
artists. Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone.

While I've not been exploring my creative energies via my digital art for
very long (4 years now), I often wonder if such energies might "dry up". I
consider myself to be a fairly prolific artist, and I think sometimes that
my creative "frenzies" are fueled by that very fear. Who knows how long I
have to continue generating images before something might happen to douse
that creative fire. All we can do is continue to dig for that inspiration
and do whatever it takes to reinforce our faith in the abundant creative
energy of the universe into which we've been blessed with a way to tap and draw.

I must also express a shared fear about letting go of those special images
that welled up from the deepest part of my being. I imagine this is what
parents feel like when their children leave the nest, so to speak. I'm
hoping to avert such heavy-hearted partings with my own art by seeking
production of my work as limited editions, but there will still (hopefully,
for my career's sake) come a point where I will surrender my rights to an
image for a financial gain which will someday flower into an opportunity to
create new images.

I am learning with each day I spend creating my art that this is not a
pursuit free of pain or frustration, and that whoever chooses the life of an
artist to escape either will be far more disillusioned than the Artist who
faces these things and grows from them.

Here's to your next ceative burst, and that next bittersweet parting!

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