(event 10/25) The 24 Hour Spacewalk

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Subject: (event 10/25) The 24 Hour Spacewalk


The 24 hour SPACEWALK, October 25, 1997

24 hours of art in the Mission District.

What does "SPACE" mean to you?

Imagine the Mission District.

Imagine walking down 16th Street.

Your goal is to arrive at the next location of the 24 hour SPACEWALK.
You are coming from a space on Guerrero where you saw a dance
performance that blew your mind.

As you pass Valencia Street, you notice a mural being painted, you take
a minute and speak to those painting about their subject matter and the
artists working together. Walking with you, in costume and in character
are the dancers that just performed for you. They are your escorts to
the next space.

As you approach Mission Street, you are surprised by a pile of space
aliens coming in your direction. They are speaking in tongues, obviously
entranced by the earth's gravity pull.

You arrive at the next space, where your favorite band is playing.

The Dirt: The 24 hour SPACEWALK is 24 hours of performance in a number
of spaces in the mission district.


If there is a gallery in the space, it will be filled with
2d and 3d art. Murals in progress and sculptures in progress are needed.
Those who propose are in charge of their own permits and permission.
Submissions can be as simple or as complex as you desire.

There will be a Spacewalk meeting today (Tuesday 9/16) starting at
7:00pm Muddy Waters Coffee House, 521 Valencia @ 16th.

If you can't make the meeting, but are interested in participating,
please call Warrior Girl at 415-790-3702.

for more on craigs-list browse http://www.cnewmark.com [events posting 690]

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