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Tue, 5 Aug 1997 09:38:38 +0930

INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY AND ITS FUTURE a virtual reading by dave sag

The Unabomber has fascinated me for some many years. The manifesto
published by the Washington Post at the request of the FBI must rate as one
of the least read, most widely muttered about works since Stephen Hawkings
'A Brief History of Time'.

While lying in bed for several weeks with chronic back pain due to poor
posture, high stress and a poor diet, (yes I work as a web designer) I
decided to get my Macintosh computer to read the manifesto out loud to me
using the built in voice 'Agnes'. I sampled this reading directly to
Macromedia Soundedit and converted it to Real Audo format. Thanks to
Internode for the ra-space.

This is your chance to read along with the Unabomber. You will need a real
audio player, avaliable free from and at least a 14.4
connection to the net.

Please forward this announcement to anyone you think may be interested.



ps: you were sent this cos I made the personal choice that you, or the
list you are subscribed to, may be interested. if you are no then sorry.
it may happen again.

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