Re: Censorship for the Young...

Michael Betancourt (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 00:10:18 -0400

This article says a lot about our world. Kinda reminds me of how
whatever's newest gets scape-goated for problems that have nothing to do
with it.

It's much easier to point the finger and blame something else than to
confront the fact that so many of the things we all value as a
county/culture (or claim to) is just so much lip service. I find it more
appalling that the librarian said that it's a school so the first
ammendment doesn't apply (not true) than that the program blocked all the
research material. (that's bad enough in itself)

For some reason we increasinly live in a country where authority (where
ever you find it) wants to be absolute, and is not interested in minor
things like human rights. It's this idea of a "collective good" that lies
at the heart of all the decisions to curtail access to information of all
sorts (whether web or otherwise) and this is what needs to be addressed. A
"collective good" isn't really "good" if the "collective" suffers under it.
Maybe it's time for the idea of a collective bad?


-- Michael Betancourt