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I am posting this for a friend - please reply to the email address below -
Thanks! - Colleen

"Nvolve Studios is looking for an Art Director to work in their San Mateo
based office. Nvolve works primarily on Web communities such as
Arcadium.com (a web-based gaming community). Qualifications: (S)he
should be very information and graphic-design savvy with some solid
Web/interactive media experience, a decent managerial type, and be
extremely knowledgeable about current and upcoming technologies related to
the media. For more information, send me an email: marshall@nvolve.com"

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Colleen Lindsay
Advertising & Promotions Manager
Stacey's Bookstore
581 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
415-421-4687 or 1-800-926-6511

for more on craigs-list browse http://www.cnewmark.com [jobs posting 940]

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