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Hopkins, Don (DHopkins@maxis.com)
Thu, 27 May 1999 12:51:29 -0700

I'm going to be showing some live cellular automata, as well as some videos
I made with an AfterEffects plug-in I wrote, this weekend at "Loop" in
Oakland, 8pm Saturday the 29th.

I've put some mpegs of cellular automata animations that I made with
AfterEffects up at:
http://www.catalog.com/hopkins/art/AetherClock3.mpg (612k)
http://www.catalog.com/hopkins/art/AetherClock4.mpg (612k)
not for the faint of heart or low of bandwidth:
http://www.catalog.com/hopkins/art/circular3.mpg (19mb)
and if you have a really fast net connection:
http://www.catalog.com/hopkins/art/gray.mpg (48mb)
If you think that's big, you should have seen if before it was blurred and

Save your modem the wear and tear, and come and see the show!
There will be *refreshments*!


Loop: An evening exploring repetition, compulsion, transcendence and

This event presents works of various artists exploring a theme. From audio
loops to visually repetitive stimulation, Loop will examine our compulsion
as a society for rhythm.

Participants include: Here are the Facts You Requested, performing live
audio collage, The Noodles with the Interactive audio collage, Tape Trash
Abduction, Mark Bashore looping films and videos question the nature of
human isolation in cultural institutions, Nix performing live and screening
her works blue 1.11 and Pin, Katae, presenting various painting on the
nature of chaos, Don Hopkins showing cellular automata, plus recent sound,
poetry video, film, and installation works by Sarah Lockart, Darren Jekins,
R. Aaron Young, Danielle Kleinburg, Brian Rice, Hogarth, Dianna McDannell
Thompson, and Punch Presents.

Saturday May 29th at 8pm, $5.00.
Artists' Theater Workshop, 1932 Telegraph, Oakland CA.