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"To FTP is to live."-an anonymous artist

Ftp Instructions:

You can access your space via your ftp account you have with our site, Art.Net. There are many different ways to ftp to our site. Which way you choose depends on your computer type, your computer operating system (OS) and your connection.

Below we have attempted to show the different ways to ftp. If you have found another cool ftp tool or method we have not described here, please send us a note and we can add the information to this list.

Using FTP in a Unix Shell Account:

Unix shell accounts are becoming rare since the advent of DSL. A shell account is when you modem into your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and login on their system into an unix account called a "shell". You can access the ftp program that comes on most unix systems via your shell account.

When using this type of shell access, you would Kermit up your files from your local computer to your shell account on your ISP. You would then transfer your files from your service provider to via the ftp program which can be found on most unix systems.

In a unix shell account, you would type the following commands:

	1. ftp
		Name:   {login with your account name}
		Passwd: {use your assigned  passwd}

	2. You will automatically be placed in your studio space
	   and can start uploading files to your area.. 

	3. type "bin" before transfering images and type "ascii" before 
	   transfering text pages.

	4. To download a file, use the "get" command and to upload
	   a file, use the "put" command. You can always type "?"
	   to get a listing of the commands supported by ftp.

	5. bye  (disconnects your session)

ftp has a help command and you can type ? to see the ftp commands available. At the ftp> prompt type help command_name to see more info on a command.

Using FTP via a DSL Connection:

A DSL connection is what most ISP's offer now-a-days and they are really a luxury compared to strait shell accounts. DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line and when you connect to your ISP via this type of account, you machine is added to the ISP's network. This lets you do things that you can normally only do on networks that are connected directly to the Internet.

Via your DSL connection, you can surf the web with a web browser like FireFox, transfer files directly from your machine to your space on Art.Net via the Internet, and send email directly from you local computer.

Using FTP via Fetch on a Mac

If you are using a Mac and have a internet connection via DSL, you can use fetch to transfer your files between your local machine to your space on Fetch is a tool specifically for the Mac that lets you ftp via your DSL connection.

Using FTP Tool via Windows on a PC

If you are using a PC (personal computer of the IBM type), you will most likely be running a windows program and will be connected to the Internet via a DSL connection you have with your ISP.

There are two most common widowing systems for PC's right now and those are Windows from Microsoft. WS_FTP (Winsock FTP) is the most common tool you will use to ftp via these windowing systems. Windows 98 also gives you the ability to ftp via a DOS Window using the unix ftp command described earlier for shell accounts.

Please send some mail if you have ftp problems.



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