Meet the Artists

Simran Singh Gleason Works in Acrylic, charcoal, pastel, photocollage, and cetera. He is currently working in an abstract figurative mode.

Online Shows Simran has been putting together web-based art shows since early 1994, and has some collections online. Right now there is a show of digital paintings, including life drawings, abstract works, and long scrolls as well as some inane doodles; a photocollage show called "Enfolding Perspectives"; some Landscape work; and a show of Portraits, Self-Portraits, and Masks

Or you can see it all!

Some Pictures Mist Dancers
"Mist Dancers"
Other Links to
Simran Singh Gleason's
Enfolding Perspectives and other shows.

Simran has a small collection of poems at Art on the Net.

Simran has a visual poem "Waterdreams" featured in Enterzone, episode 5
and a small series of Buddhagraphs in Enterzone, episode 8 And a Cute Bio, also at Enterzone.

Simran curated the Poems on the Wall exhibit in the Art on the Net Gallery. (And also hung on the wall at Gallery 92).

Simran also is on of the Internet Curators (tm, or tada, or something) of CALM (i.e. here).

Simran is showing a few pieces at the Prepress Gallery contest.

And Simran had a piece or two in the Portraits in Cyberspace exhibit at MIT.

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