Prophetic Visions

Journey After Death

Journey after death

The painting suggests the "passageway" through which the human soul
traverses after death. Discernible are various geometric visages which suggest
a sensation of spiral movement even when the painting is not spinning.
When the painting is turned the passageway becomes a vortex or tunnel whose
end point becomes a gate of light. The visages are those of the deceased relatives
of the artist who are coming in welcome. Seen through both lenses of the
special anaglypic glasses, the painting glows like a hologram. Through the
blue lens only, the individual forms are delineated. Through the red lens,
it all becomes transformed into energies of light.


Jerusalem in the Utopian Era

messianic jerusalem

The Foundation Stone in the Inner Sanctuary of the Holy Temple
is depicted in this work as the nucleus of an atom, whose electron paths
circumscribe a messianic vision of Jerusalem. Discernible are the twelve gates
of the city and views of the supernal and nether Jerusalem. Around the stone
are clusters of figures representing the nations of the world. The Tree of Life
pierces through the upper Jerusalem while its roots connect with the nether.
The Temple seems to hover in space, awaiting its redemption.


Close-view of section:



The Tree of Knowledge

tree of knowledge

The painting depicts the Garden of Eden made of clouds whose center
is the Tree of Knowledge, which suggests a brain, a fetus and the mushroom cloud
of an atomic bomb. Various animal figures emerge from the clouds, as well
as Adam and Eve and departed relatives of the artist.

The Tree of Life

tree of life

In the Tree of Life the orbs or sefirot appear as galaxies of eternal life.
The infinity sign is a central image in the painting which evolves into
a Jewish candelabra and rib cage of Primordial Man. Banished from this tree
in the dark corner on the left may be seen the small figures of Adam and Eve.

oil on canvass
78 X 58 cm

All of the above works were originally designed to be viewed as anaglyphic art 
which is the unique method of Yael Avi-Yonah. For more information

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Many of the above paintings are available as serigraphs and posters, as well as other versions in different sizes and color schemes. For more information, please inquire:
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