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It is with profound sadness that I have to announce the sudden and completely unexpected demise
of my dear wife, Yael Avi-Yonah, OBM, who returned her precious soul to her Maker on 

Chet Mar-heshvan (October 24th 2012).
Below is a link
 to some photos and short tv interview which may illuminate in a small measure 
her greatness as an artist and a very spiritual woman.
Remembering Yael, OBM

Cosmic Orbs 2009-11

Hologramic Energies - 2005-9

Visions of  the Future City

The Black Hole

Jewish Symbols

The Four Angels : Michael, Gavriel, Uriel and Raphael

The Four Worlds: Emanation, Creation, Formation and Action

Prophetic Visions : Voyage After Death, Jerusalem as a Utopia, The Trees of Death and Life

Jerusalem Landscapes

Posters and Serigraphs

Bible Images

Anaglyphic Art

Anaglyphic Portraits



TV interview with Yael Avi-Yonah with Hebrew subtitles

You (or anyone you know who may be visiting Northern Israel)
are invited to our solo exhibition at the Soul Art Gallery in the Artists Colony
Abraham Sadeh Square,Tzfat (Safed) Israel.
soul art

Most of the artwork in this site is available
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