Curriculum Vita — Stuart Harwood (650) 493-7439

3411 Cork Oak Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303


Sculpture in more than 200 shows in California, more than 4 dozen in New York,

6 dozen in the other states and 11 internationally, since 1951. 41 solo shows.

More than 100 awards, including a Fulbright in Italy ‘56-7, where I copied the

final Michelangelo Sculpts to learn his Picassoid system of distortion, and

turned back from reversing Moore and flirting with abstraction.

I suppose I am sort of a Psychological Expressionist, but somewhat Surreal,

even "Magic-Real," interested primarily in the Human Condition. Early

influences range from Medardo Rosso and Kathy Kollwitz to Picasso and the so-

called "Primitives," among others too numerous to mention.

Apprenticed to the Spanish sculptor Jose De Creeft, who taught me stone

carving. Worked a year with Micronesian woodcarvers. Protege of Frans

Wildenhain, Professor of Ceramics at the Rochester Institute of Technology

School for American Craftsmen. Worked a year with Aldo Vignali, in The Vignali

Bronze Foundry in Florence.

Large sculpture in the permanent collections of the Whitney and Rochester

museums (NY), and numerous private collections. Extensive study of other

cultures (onsite, rather than second-hand in educational institutions). My

dyslexia made for one-to-one or self-education, as I can only do it the way I

see it.

I am known as a "Materialist" not in the usual sense (far from it!), but

because of mastery of a wide range of materials. Have yet to find my limits;

always searching for how to see our old problems in new ways, using usually

the daily surround rather than "Precious" or "Eternal" stuff.