Patricia Howitt

Patricia Howitt Patricia Howitt was born in Derby, England. Her family emigrated to Southern Rhodesia in 1957 and then to New Zealand in 1961.
As soon as she could hold a pencil, she was encouraged to draw. This talent was developed at an early age, but academic ability led her to qualify in law at Victoria University and embark upon a career as a solicitor in government in New Zealand's capital city, Wellington. By way of relaxation, she spent as much time as possible either on foot in the nearby hill country, or pursuing the expression of this experience on canvas or paper.
The call of the outdoors finally drew her away from city life and into an eventful but short-lived farming enterprise. She is presently living on a small farmlet in the Bay of Islands, teaching business law part-time at the Northland Polytechnic, and continuing her artistic output, enriched by the newly-added dimension of computing.
In New Zealand, with its volcanic origins just below the surface of the land and its rapidly changing weather patterns, the forces of nature are never far away. The artist has a strong feeling for sculptural form and the rippling contours of this young landscape are a constant reminder that those who set foot in this world must do so with respect, for existence and survival are always very much on nature's terms.
Patricia has developed her own style with very little formal instruction. She has exhibited at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington and at the Rotoart Exhibition and the Waikato Society of Arts in Hamilton. A number of private New Zealand collectors hold examples of her work.

Title : Taraua
Medium: Acrylic on Borad
Size 28 in x 11 in

Title:Rain on The Butler
Medium:Oil on Board
Size:20in x 31 in

Title: Ploughscape
Medium:Acrylic on Board
Size:21in x 28in

Title :Jude
Medium:original Acrylic on Board
(to be released as a limated edition print date T.B.A)
Size:9 in x 14 in.

Title:Low Tide
Medium:Acrylic on Borad
Size:24in x 18 in

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