D.L Robertshaw

1955- Emerging New Zealand artist. An artist who has already made a significant impact on the National New Zealand market and has now reached the stage of international exposure. A number of paintings have already been sold to European buyers, notably German, Swiss,Dutch and English collectors. A recent milestone was the inclusion of a painting in an 'international' auction through Fishers Galleries (Christchurch and Wellington). This painting was sold 14/08/95 for a large price to an overseas collector. Robertshaw was born in Cape Town, South Africa where he lived for ten years. The family moved to Napier, New Zealand where he attended Colenso High School and then Victoria University. A serious illness hospitalized him for several years but now his health has largely recovered. He left University after a year of studying law. Robertshaw started painting in the early eighties when in hospital. Largely a self taught painter, the artist seeks to combine the elements of human form with the land. New Zealand with its power of landscapes, and its purity of form provides a compelling inspiration to the artist. From these, colour and structure evolve fleeting images where the city meets the land. Lands of oceans where visions and mystery emerge form the shadowlands. Lately Pacific themes have come to dominate his work and several examples are provided in this gallery. Also the works reflects essential loneliness of the human condition. Most paintings are acrylic or gauche but also works are executed in oil and water color, the artist also works with bronze, wood, and ceramics. In his quest for finding expression in his sculptures he has looked towards large monolithic sculptures that can form a center piece to a city or dwelling depending on the scale of the piece. Also Des Robertshaw is working towards painting and sculpture forming an integrated work, strengthening both the painting and the sculpture. You will see some examples of this exciting combination.
A bronze sculpture 30cmx15cm (11inx6in) set into white marble.
A limited edition of nine only.  A stylized form that attempts to capture the
elements of monumentality, the contra posto of geometrical planes. 
The timelessness of the human form, its interaction with the land and with
the very mountains of the southern pacific basin.  
Finished in a green-blue verdgris patina with polished highlights of yellow ochre.

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