Daniel J Mounsey.

Golden Bay New Zealand Contemporary Painter. An Artist born in New Zealand with considerable international experience. His study of European art traditions together with the exploration of technological developments such as cyberspace and techno shamanism have evolved works that evoke a sense of mystery. The artist has had works commissioned for Raves, album covers and book illustrations. He also studied Rococo architecture and painting, icon and Renaissance art, modern and graffiti art throughout Europe. Mounsey's work can be seen in:
London (England):
Gottingen (Germany):
Providence R.I (USA):
Auckland Christchurch and Dunedin (New Zealand.)

Title:Ghost Train.

Medium:Acrylic on canvas, glitter


Title :Friends of Mine.

Medium:Acrylic on canvas,glitter


Title:Mona Lisa Overdrive .

Medium:Collage,silver,glitter, framed

Size:11x9 in

Title : The Invisibles

Medium: Acrylic on canvas,glitter

Size 30x23in

Title:Melon Collie Lassie

Medium:Fluro Acrylic on canvas, collage,glitter


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