Enfolding Perspectives

and other little collections
by Simran Gleason

Thanks and Acknowledgements

I would like to thank the following people and organizations for their help, encouragement, support and feedback in my developing the show:

SUMMIT, Stanford Medical Media and Information Technologies, for generously allowing me to use their macintoshes, cdroms, and scanners to stitch together the bits that make up all these online images.
Especially Phil Constantinou for letting me into the building in odd hours, and for comments and suggestions on the hypertext design of the pages in this show.

John Jacobsen, who put together the first internet art show I had seen, Strange Interactions and was very generous in lending me his artist statements and materials to help get people interested in the idea of an internet art show.

Dave Wheeler, from the band Phreeworld. I "met" the band in the internet when they advertised a free CD, and that got the whole thing rolling.

Arabella Decker, from Gallery 92 West for her monthly critiques of my work during my intense period of learning to draw last summer.

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