Enfolding Perspectives

and other little collections
by Simran Gleason

Some of the pieces in this show are Available for sale.

* "Enfolding Perspectives" Most of the photocollages in this show are available as signed, limited-edition photographic prints (C-type), in three sizes (20x24, 16x20, and 11x14), either framed or matted and shrink-wrapped. Some of the pictures have very narrow aspect ratios, and will end up in slightly different sizes.

Please contact me if you're interested.

* "Landspaces" Many of the pictures in this show are available for sale as original pastel and charcoal drawings.

* "Portraits, Self Portraits, and Masks" only a very few of the pictures in this show are available for sale as original pastel and charcoals.

* Printing out hardcopies: You are welcome to print out hardcopies of any of these pictures for your own personal use; no commercial uses (unless you get permission from the artist). I would recommend an 8x10 (or so) print on a dye-sublimation printer, using pixel-interpolation software to get enough resolution at 203 dpi to fill up a page. The quality still won't be that great.

If you decide to do this I would appreciate it if you would think of these as shareware images and consider sending a small donation to the artist (box O'cookies, copy of your band's latest CD, money, etc).

If you would like a higher-resolution print, contact me; I've never done anything like this before, but I would guess we could work something out.

* Use in Publications: If you would like to use any of my images in publications, 'zines, album covers, etc., please obtain permission first. I do not really want any of my work republished without my knowing about it.

How to Contact me:

I can be reached by email at simran@art.net
or by p-mail at
                     Simran Gleason
                     555 De Haro St. #120
                     San Francisco, CA 94107

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