Some little collections of art
by Simran Singh Gleason

New! Figure Drawings. Digital paintings now, more later.
I work in way too many media: photography and photocollage, pastel and charcoal, and poetry (& now digital drawing & painting). I really love to organize bits of my work into series and collections with a common theme. I have put together a few of these collections here on the Internet. My Artist's Statement goes into more detail.


The shows ...

Figure Drawings:
drawn digitally, in charcoal or pastel, or painted in acrylic on paper, these works were done from live models, usually (gasp!) nude.

Digital Paintings
I've recently started drawing digitally on a powerbook with a pressure-sensitive tablet, using Painter, photoshop, etc. I draw out of my head, from life, etc. I've even been taking my setup to a life drawing workshop in Half Moon Bay every week. One of these days I'm going to mount the powerbook on an easel & draw outside.

"Enfolding Perspectives"
Photographic collages exploring the dissolution of 15th century linear perspective and the re-creation of more organic perspectives.

Landspaces Several little series of landscape drawings and paintings.

Portraits, Self-Portraits, and Masks.

  • A small collection of poems, including: "Dawn of the Electronic Age Poet" A poem I wrote dealing with issues of writing and publishing poetry on the Internet. It seems very relevant here.
    Along with my artwork, I also work in the computer industry developing software. These little shows are one of the ways I have been able to combine these two (sometimes rather disparate) parts of my life.

    I also have just been named the Internet Curator for the Coastal Arts League, which runs the Coastal Arts League Museum and the Gallery 92 West in Half Moon Bay, California.