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Three Nudes

painting of three nudes
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Here is the description:

This painting was done using Rembrandt's original formula. The ingredients were secretly guarded by the Old Master and baffled the art world for generations until modern times. Once chemists and art historians were able to measure the exact amounts of varnish, linseed oil, black, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, and crimson, it became public knowledge. (You still need to know where to look though.)

Three models posed for this painting. Work on it took over three years. After it was finished in Santa Fe, it was crated and shipped to San Francisco. During shipment the surface was given a nice bit of weathering . It took five more years to dry.

Three Nudes , Oil on canvas; 66 inches wide, 60 inches high. This painting is for sale. US $13,000

another angle of three nudes