Outbound 2

The original somewhat crude image was done back in 1995 (with a mouse, probably with SuperPaint on a Mac). 1995 was a traumatic year for me in many ways. It woke me up to the world of spirit, mind, mood, intention. It was also the beginning of a journey in which I have slipped and fallen more than one might expect from the irritatingly smug expression on the anime-style face (I think the older version is worse).

I had removed links to this page for a while out of sheer embarrassment, but now I think it provides a sense of movement and background -- this image and its sentiments were among my first steps upon a new road of being aware of the importance of quality of mind.

How things change: now it's 2001, graphics tablet, Photoshop, PC, and a host of experiences that have flowed by: pain, tears, and joys. I'm now several jobs away, thoughts away, lifetimes away ... well, not quite lifetimes, not yet. I won't say I'm any better an artist, but my perspective has changed in many subtle ways, and I daresay I'm a bit wiser now (though just as much an idiot as ever).

What I wrote of this image years ago: Pixel pushing manga-style again. What can I say? Oh, yeah, well, I hope I am outbound in a generally upward direction. I hope. Though I hadn't thought of that at the time....

I can only pray that my path does take me upward.

Old Outbound ... how times change.

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