A rendition of the highest Light, reported by many and yet hard for me to imagine. I was curious what Photoshop's toolset, such as its much overused but useful flare renderer, would help me produce.
(In large part, this image is based on Ben H. Swett's more technical diagram here.)

There are couple problems with this image (aside from that it cannot hope to really portray its subject): The angle of the view is partially isometric (or rather, at an upward angle off from pure vertical), yet technically the gradients around the Light are circular, as if looking straight up.

All this is to say:

  1. There may appear to be lights "above" the Highest Light, but this is just a trick of perspective from being far below and looking up.
  2. There is a name for the bright light about halfway down from the source Light; perhaps it is on its way down on a really big rescue mission.
  3. The greenish circular lens flare at the bottom can very conveniently represent Earth, as in Ben's diagram.

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