JUNE 1998
Testifying for the ACLU
The not-for-profit site that hosts my studio, Art on the Net (""), has been around for some time, as artists' sites go. I, along with over 125 artists on, curate and maintain our own Internet studios. Many of us display nudity and sexual images. has been an active participant in the struggle to preserve
free speech on the Internet. As a result, artists have become witnesses (read testimony, page 224), giving testimony in lawsuits filed by the ACLU.

I have been invited to testify as a witness in an upcoming New Mexico hearing for the complaint:
ACLU v. Johnson. I was selected from among many artists at because, I was told, my display "goes right to the heart of the complaint."

You can reference examples of this, starting with
images on this page, then look at a life drawing lesson, and perhaps you would like to read just one of several reasons I use nudity in my art. I look forward to testifying in my capacity as an artist member of, which is one of many Plaintiffs named in this case.

Testimony will take place in Albuquerque, the week of June 22, 1998. I will be returning to the San Francisco Bay Area June 28. After returning, and as soon as possible, I will give you a report about what happened. Wish me luck!

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