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Marketta Leino comes from the group of the pioneering fine arts computer artists in Finland. Educated at Tampere University, art, computer graphic and multimedia studies in Tampere, Helsinki and Jyväskylä. First solo exhibition in Jyväskylä 1995. Continuously involved with different art shows. Now dedicated especially to web art. A member of the Art on the Net since late 1995.
In her art works Marketta Leino likes to investigate and search the history of Man with the evolution of New Age, which makes it a mysterious trip to outer space and under surfice. And the mystery will continue...
Collections: Kuvataiteen Keskusarkisto (Helsinki), KELA (Jyväskylä), Jyväskylän Taidemuseo, (Jyväskylä), the municipality of Uurainen, private Finnish collections.
Memberships: The Massurrealist Society International (US), Artists` Association of Finland, Artists` Association of Turku (Turku, FI), MUU (The Other) ry (Helsinki, FI), Dimensio Group (Helsinki, FI), Suomen Taiteilijat ry (Helsinki, FI).
Shows (short summary): International art competitions: "Art in the Information Age", US 1996, finalist.
International art festivals: "Cyber@rt 96", Spain (selected art links), Jyväskylän Kesä "Kuvia Verkossa" -näyttely, 1996 (Jyväskylä Arts Festival, 1996).
"Troyes Pixels 1997", Troyes France. "Nordic Glory Festival Cyber Cafe", Jyväskylä 1997. "International Festival of the Image", Manizales, Colombia, 1997. "Massurrealism An Exhibit", Norwalk, Connecticut, USA 1997. "Art&Techmology 97, Beyond the Virtual Edge", The Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, USA 1997. "Ars Electronica Festival", Linz, Austria 1997 and 1998 (Infowar), Art by Numbers, Walt Whitman Cultural Arts Center, Camden. New Jersey, USA 1998, Print Planet, Slovenia, 1998.
"Gram" Argentina, 1999, "Computer Space 1999", Sofia, Bulgaria, "Ars Electronica Festival" (Prixars), Linz, Austria 1997/1998/1999/2000/2002. Mosto & Rojas Arte, Argentina, Digital Art Competition on Internet selected works and 2nd price 2003.

Selected Links

Artists`Association of Turku, see also the city of Turku, (Åbo)

Artists` Association of Muu (The Others)

Art On Line Gallery (France)

The Massurrealist Society International

Hyberart with Jochen Brennecke and his excellent hyperphotos

Sophisticated Silakka (Henkevä Silakka) Finnish New Media Web Art Gallery

Mysterious Mr. Kojan 777 and His Art

Pictures to listen by Sergio from Italy

Walt Whitman Art Culture Center, Camden, NJ, US, Art By Numbers

Mosto & Rojas Arte Digital Art Competition on Internet 2003

The Homepage of Miki and Jimi

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