Autumn trees complain under the yearly yoke of
Rainy stingy windy days
Careless smoker fires
Bustling bark beetles
10th grade biology students and their specimens
And hue-altering physical properties
Which drive them to a nakedness
Exposed by the offshore tinge of pink that twists turns alters
And disembarks near the wedding party into the sunlight
To fixate in the present for future extrapolation
Between volleyball posts with nets hastily removed
On the Labor Day sprinkly afternoon
And the shadow of a 3000 pound anchor rescued 100 years later
As the sole survivor of a ship that finished burning in the waves
Whitecapping over the tops of relatively unmoving trees
Camouflaging the wedding party sounds
In white clouds representing the sky's paintbrush errors.
And we glanced until it became unclear whether
The fluttering of light through the boat sail originated sunnyside west
Or under the rising moon.