"The Truth Is Out There"
by Soo Hom

I understand now why he had such a high regard for art. He imagined that that within beauty created is a reflection of the beauty inside each of us. Each of us is born a star covered by layers of dense matter. Some of us are consumed by our own fires and and become a black hole consuming everything within reach. Some of us manage to burn away the our covering and burn bright in the night. Most never uncover the light within. It is imagined that given a large enough black hole that reality could be altered and somewhere else a new universe burst forth from the singularity, ripe with new possibilities. These ideas came to me in a dream. Truth is relative. We each have to find our own truth. Why did he help me as he did? I think he must have been trying to make stars...

Soo Hom also has an installation on the Web that relates to the theme of abandonment.