Summary of Snapdragon Chronicles 1 to 5

Note: This text was originally included with Snapdragon Chronicles #5 in the Summer '94 issue of Voo Doo Magazine.

Note: This page is under construction - I have yet to put in the physical styles - still trying to figure out how to underline!

  • This is for the scant few people who have exhibited some confusion over my simple and straightforward (hah!) storyline. The first time a character appears or is mentioned, the name will be underlined. Important words are in bold print. "Items" with vague definition will be in quotes. Adjectives, adverbs, and verbs with vague definition will be in italics. SDC stands for, "The Snapdragon Chronicles." Back issues may be obtained from Voodoo magazine (information is located near the front of the magazine - your best bet is to call or email). For questions, comments, or sightings of rodents of unusual size, send email to

  • SDC #1 - Kentaro Kawanishi and Cygnus Rhiannia are introduced. Kentaro is shown to have a "healing factor" - he heals extremely fast. The reason behind this will be revealed in an upcoming issue. Cygnus is shown to be very puissant with her sword. This is during the summer before Kentaro's freshman year at MIT. Another woman of Cygnus' race is present briefly as well - she reappears in slightly more detail in the next issue.

  • SDC #2 - The woman who appeared briefly in the last issue reappears briefly in this issue. Her name is Ohani Rhiannia, and she is the older sister of Cygnus Rhiannia. Cygnus returns to Earth, via a "gate" that materializes in the alleyways of Boston's chinatown district. A four-armed demon also manages to use the gate opened by Cygnus to enter Earth. A battle ensues, and Kentaro is hurt pretty bad. In desperation, Cygnus uses her "gatekey" to summon Skytor, a very powerful warrior. Skytor easily defeats the demon, but now Cygnus is stranded on Earth due to the fact that in using the gatekey to summon Skytor, she has effectively hurled it across to wherever Skytor was at previously. Skytor's method of gate travel does not allow him to bring others. Before Skytor leaves, he gives Cygnus a ring which makes her ears unnoticeable to normal eyes. He also mentions Horrin, who apparently is his chief enemy.

  • SDC #3 - Kentaro and Cygnus find a lost little girl of around six to eight years old in downtown Boston. Her name is Mika and she exhibits strange abilities - she can cut through things with her fingertips and she can see Cygnus' ears (inferring that she has superior vision). Her past is very sketchy. They take care of her for a while. At a later date, they are in a mall when all of sudden a woman starts attacking Mika. This woman seems to have the same powers as Mika.

  • SDC #4 - Cygnus reveals herself as being of a race known as the Vanir. Cygnus battles the woman to a stalemate, and then Kentaro arrives with another lady, Professor Yuna. As it turns out, Mika is an acronym for Mutagen Integrated Karyogamatic Android. She is an accidental clone of Yuna made possible by a mysterious mutagen that was found a long time ago in Yuna's younger days. The attacking woman's name is Kachina, once Mika II, and originally Katrina. Kachina is a human being with the mutagen integrated into her system. Kachina had been a normal woman, assisting Professor Yuna in a basement laboratory until a certain government agency came to confiscate Yuna's research with the mysterious mutagen. Kachina was mortally wounded, and as she laying dying Yuna put the mutagen into her system. Kachina thus gained powers similar to Mika's. Kachina was then captured and brainwashed by the government for a period of time, but regained her former sense of being upon seeing the exoskeleton suit that both she and Yuna had been developing. Both Mika and Kachina can emit a kaon field, mainly from their fingers. Kaons are unstable mesons produced from high energy particle collisions. The intensity of the kaon field that they can produce is extremely high - as a result Professor Yuna and Kachina had developed a way to harness that power. The exoskeleton suit is powered by the kaon field emitted from Kachina's body. On the last page, Kachina and Mika make up, and then Kachina warns of another mutagen based organism that the government this time is trying to make. MICA (Mutagen Integrated Cybernetic Android).

  • SDC #5 (this one!) - This is a plethora of different things going on in different places at roughly the same time. Pages (1&2) Ohani Rhiannia, Skytor, and some unidentified Vanir are discussing plans for the retrieval of Cygnus Rhiannia from Earth. Page (3) Some hapless adventurers are trying to take on Horrin (briefly mentioned in SDC#2) with the aid of the mystical, "Sword of Intrinsic Harmony". Page (4) Government Agents are checking up on the development of MICA (Mutagen Integrated Cybernetic Android). The chief developer happens to be a Dr. Cronon. Page (5) Professor Yuna and Kachina are playing with guns while blabbing away about the exoskeleton. Page (6) Kentaro and Cygnus. Cygnus is listening to a bird. Pages (7&8) Mika sees a boy about her age walking a puppy. The boy's name is Walter. This is his first appearance.