A Nightmare Creatures Site Kalisto's hybrid action adventure masterpiece combines the interface and adventure of Tomb Raider with the controls and combat system of Virtua Fighter. Although there are compromises on both fronts, Nightmare Creatures is definitely one hell of a game. That it has native PowerVR support (this is something Kalisto is very reliable about) for my Matrox M3D accelerator doesn't hurt also. I can run this puppy at 1024x768 16bit color smooth as a baby's butt on my AMD K6/166, except when a LOT is going on (like when the six-headed snake monster is shooting flames out of all six heads).

Well, I'm not much for updates or anything, so instead here is a bunch of resource links, as well as some content I've composed myself.

  • NightMare Creatures Official Forum - for all you message board junkies.
  • Moves List - Almost every level the game will inform you of a new combo your character can perform. I've compiled a list of them. In simple ASCII format for your printing and archiving convenience.
  • Kalisto Official Website.
  • Nightmare Creatures Official Website.
  • Nightmare Creatures by Damage, Inc. - another Nightmare Creatures Website.
  • Nightmare Creatures Game Trainer - by 2000AD.
  • Version 1.1 patch - improved texture management plus some tweaks for specific brands of hardware.
  • Nightmare Creatures Official Download Page - get the demo and game music in MP3 format.
  • Reviews - Debating whether or not to buy the game? If you have a 3D acclerator, I vote a strong yes, but you might want to look through these as well.

    And Here Are Some Random 1024x768 16bit PowerVR Screenshots For Your Viewing Pleasure
  • nc01.JPG - 126kb Jpeg, Nadia at Highgate Cemetery.
  • nc02.JPG - 107kb Jpeg, Ignatius getting his butt kicked at Highgate - good shot of werewolf though.
  • nc03.JPG - 127kb Jpeg, Nadia kicking some ass.
  • nc04.JPG - 104kb Jpeg, Below the belt!
  • nc05.JPG - 82kb Jpeg, Bland shot of Nadia on a ship.
  • nc06.JPG - 103kb Jpeg, Another lame shot, but shows a good deal of 3D geometry.
  • nc07.JPG - 113kb Jpeg, Pepy's Monster jumping through glass ceiling - not as cool as it sounds, though.
  • nc08.JPG - 71kb Jpeg, 800x600 16bit example of a weird technical problem I'm having with my video. I'm using a Matrox Millenium II and a Matrox M3D - if anyone can help, please email me.
  • nc09.JPG - 99kb Jpeg, Adam Crowley clinging to the Westminster Abbey Tower.

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