Reading List

Books I recommend about the Art World.

Art and Fear is an excellent book by artists for artists on "the perils and rewards of artmaking." Should be required reading for all artists.

Robert Hughes is not afraid to say what he doesn't like and why. Sometimes he's been a lone voice of sanity, like when he dissed Schnabel and Basquiat in the 80s. He's done way more for artists than he's generally given credit for, by bringing art in all its gloriously infuriating complexity to a skeptical general public. Check out Nothing If Not Critical, The Shock of the New, The Culture of Complaint, and American Visions

True Colors by Anthony Haden-Guest. A good survey of contemporary American art from Abstract Expressionaism up to the very recent past. A gossipy insider's tale of the art world as it is.

It Hurts by Michael Collings. Also a good survey of art of the 50s -- 90s. His love for art and artists means he knows his subject. That he doesn't take it too seriously makes it a great read.

The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe. About a bunch of artists who had important critics write important words about them and then went out and got good and drunk.

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Prepared by Art Chartow November 30, 1999. Updated January 8, 2003.