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Welcome to my gallery and studio! Hi, my name is Errol Lanier, I'm in my second year as an art student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I'm enrolled in the Computer/Traditional Animation Media Arts degree Program. I'm self-taught and have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil. However, it is only since December '94, after a 10 year hiatus that I have started doing art again. I'm doing things I have never done before with excellent results. ^_^ I work with a variety of drawing and paint media. I'm now concentrating on bringing my work to "life" through 2d/3d animation.

Here is a sample of some recent drawings(few paintings) I've done. Most were done in the Manga/Anime style with my trusty 2H and 2B Berol pencils and other drawing/painting media. I'm very broad when it come to subject matter to render. I do a lot of character designs, but I like to render mechanical(mecha) designs the most as seen below. I have some paintings also and will add them in the future. Check back here every week or so for new images.

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I want your feedback! :)

Comments, suggestions as to what you would like to see here on this page? Do not hesitate, you can leave me feedback to, which is my brother's account. You can find anime, video and other art related links on my home page. The gallery there mirrors this one.

Please read the this notice and the one here on how these images are to be used. There are some people who whould rather profit and take credit for others hard work, thank you.

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