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Brian D. McMillan (bdmc)

Artist Statement:

I have always been intrigued by color and form; which is why I probably started out in photography. Problem was, that the process became too predictable for me - to the point I leavesfound myself exploring more what made up the image than the image itself. A shot of trees became images of leaves or bark etc. - until I reached a point of losing all relationship with reality. Although this was starting to be what I wanted, something was missing.

At this point I started working on computers, and realized that this was the direction I had been looking for - and now that they are becoming powerful enough; I can actual start producing the images I have been feeling inside me for years. Though I had started out in the more traditional lines of 3D graphics and manipulated 2D photorealism, I have again migrated towards exploring the underlying elements of the image (and computer potential). What I am trying to do now is manipulate an image until I discover a 'seed' area of color or form, and through layering, repetition and compositing, arrive at a new image devoid of reference to the existing world from which it came. This can also be seen in my image titles which (rather than evoke the direction of the artist's intent), often only reflect the reference or filename of the digital image.

I guess if I was to summarize my intent or style, it would be to say: In a time of digital photorealism, when many artists are layering images to build up complex forms to provide the context in their works, I have been attempting to find the key (or 'kernel') set of elements in the image to which through levels of repetition and composition I can remove as much context as possible - so that the viewers must draw on their own experience to provide the context needed to relate to the work.

I am not a storyteller (in the sense of representational artists), but I strive (as a non-representational artist) to create a work that is strong enough to evoke an inner story from within the viewer.

Technical Outline:

My work comes mostly from original photographs that have been scanned and manipulated. I work almost entirely on the Intel based platform with either 486 or pentium processors. Applications range from my mainstay of Adobe Photoshop, to excursions into Aldus PhotoStyler, Micrografx Designer and Picture Publisher and occasionally Altamira Composer as needed. Plug-ins include Aldus Gallery Effects and HSC's Kai Power Tools and KPT Convolver. All applications and plug-ins are treated as only tools in the process rather than means to an end in themselves.

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