This studio contains 17 rooms, all of which exhibit creations by the author of this web site. The building is constructed with three floor levels; the Studio level, Archives level and the Vaults level. A map of the entire studio can be obtained from the information desk. The theme is about the importance of expression and the search for a document containing an incredibly profound true story that is relevent to my art. After you have explored the nooks and crannies of the studio level, you will gain access to the archives and vaults where you will find paintings from my "grotesque" period and more clues and artifacts relating to the theme of this site. As you descend through the levels of the building you will travel back in time until you reach the very roots of my art.

I have made an effort to keep the html files relatively small. Most jpeg files are less than 80K in size and derived from photograph scans and photo CD's of my paintings. Navigation throughout the tour of the studio is mainly by use of image maps. Some of these graphic links may not be immediately obvious, so please be observant. Returning to previously visited rooms should be relatively fast, due to the reloading of graphics from your Browser. The following equipment and software were used in the preparation of this site:-
Lile Elam is a webmaster and a founder of who is solely responsible for introducing me to the art of publishing on the www. Without her help and patience, I would not have known where to begin. Thank you Lile.

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