Two Versions: The Dream and the Lie

El Sueño y La Mentiro de Franco... or ... The Dream and the Lie of Franco
The Dream and the Lie of Frailty

Fan's idol invocation piano keys swords of octopus rotten omens
sham friars erectus in the middle of the frying pan
stark naked--risen on the sugarcone wafer of the sherbet cod
fricasseed in the scabbard of his hired man for odd jobs--orifice teeming
Thalassic jelly of doubtful authenticity his warrant--little bells of the roman church
of snails braiding intestines--little fingers in an erection neither grape
nor fig--commedia del arte of clouds cloyingly dyed and wow them
--yield to seductress of the rubbish cart--molesting the ladies in waiting
in round numbers lamentation--on his should erotic coffin stuffed with salamis
And with mouths--rage twisting the sketch of the shadow
that whips the
teeth jack-hammered in the sand and the horse open wide
To the sun that to make a long story short to thread flies that baste the knots of the
net big with anchovies the rocket of tulips--live coal of hippies
where the dog's knot full of rats and disguise away to my palace of rags
old ones--pennons that fry in the pan writhe in the gloomy
Sauce of ink encircled Byronic drops of gore that discharge
--the street climbs to thankless theology out loud buying up a sea of wax that rots
ivories and the veil that covers it sings and dances and dances Machiavellian--the flight
of fishing poles alcoholic the first class burial of the van
the broken wings rolling over the cobweb of corn bread and
clean-shaven sugar paella and velvet that paints the riddem of the whip on
his butt--radiance hides its eyes before a mirror that apes
the monkey and the picturesque llamas nibble the lips
Of the wound--ejaculate of children ejaculate of women ejaculate of birds
ejaculate of flowers ejaculate of lumber and stones ejaculate of bricks ejaculate of
furniture of beds of chairs of pans of cats and of papers
ejaculate of odors that claw themselves ejaculate of smoke stinging in the neck
of the ejaculate that bubbles the chalice and the drizzle of birds
That gluts the sea that gnaws the bone and bankrupts the teeth
bamboozling the cotton that the bullet gathers in the plate
that the stomach pump and the socket wrench hide in the letter a middle finger
scrawls in air