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Notes on The Artist's Way

The Artist's Way is a program for spiritually inspired creative recovery developed by Julia Cameron, with assistance from others. It is also the title of a book by her & Mark Bryan.

It's been very helpful to me personally. Especially the practice of morning pages.

Finding the Heart & Soul of The Artist's Way

I also recommend you read Julia Cameron's memoir Floor Sample. It puts heart & soul into The Artist's Way, & will be powerful inspiration for you to be guided along it.

Morning Pages

If you undertake The Artist's Way, I recommend you also buy & use The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal. This Journal includes a lot of information that The Artist's Way book does not. E.g. the contract in the Journal is much better then the one in the book. >P> Do morning pages as close to her instructions as possible.

Do the absolute minimum between opening your eyes & staring to write MPs. If you can, skip the bathroom & kitchen stops. Make sure room mates know no interruptions. Turn the cell/smart-phone off. Close the laptop.

You need 8 1/2" x 11 NARROW RULED paper, at least 37 lines a page This is the key thing she doesn't describe. Too little & it doesn't work. Too much is pointless, & I suspect hurts the process.

I often write @ a sunlit window, but don't let the view distract me.

Three sides of them, and carpe diem.

enjoy -len

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