A form letter sent to various MIT profs:

Silico Magnetic Intelligence
24 Jean Lane
Monsey, NY 10952

Dear Prof. Abelson:

As a prominent AI scientist, your participation is sought in the development of Silico-Magnetic Intelligence on a consultation basis. Other AI professors at Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Princeton and Yale either have agreed to or are considering participation.

The century which gave us airplanes, television, nuclear power, antibiotics, rockets and computers is ready to give its final salvo: Silico-Magnetic Intelligence. SMI is not only the ``invention of the century'', but the greatest invention of human intelligence. The enclosed flyer gives a brief overview.

The development of SMI will take place in 1987. The lab will be located in the New York City area.

Will you give serious consideration to participation? We are in a race. We are not the only nation which can develop machine intelligence.

If you are interested in this project, kindly fill out the enclosed ``AI expertise form'' or provide other description of your work. Will you also indicate availablity (e.g. 1 day a month), daily consulting fee, and/or other conditions you may have.

If you have further questions, please call me at 914 352-6358.


Kalman A. Toth


Enclosure -- SMI flyer. Unfortunately I didn't see the ``expertise form''


Silico-Magnetic Intelligence (SMI) is the recreation of human intelligence on silicon/magnetic storage. The first version of SMI doesn't have vision robotic arm [sic], hearing and legs. Rather it is ``desktop'' intelligence. It communicates through page-reader, keyboard, screen and communications link. The following information is given for conceptualization purposes only. Actual product specs and prices will be set at a future date.
Silico-Magnetic Intelligence (company) is a commercial venture. The first stage of the venture is the development of SMI, to be followed by a commercialization phase.

Rather than waiting for ``breakthroughs'', SMI is developed using available technologies. A well-thought-out plan capitalizes on the human educational process, top AI experts and educators. SMI will have strong impact on society. Dramatic increase in productivity and living standards are the main benefits.