Date: Wed, 30 Apr 86 20:44:15 EDT
From: James B. VanBokkelen <JBVB at AI.AI.MIT.EDU>
To:   kin at OZ.AI.MIT.EDU
Re:   "The first ones up against the wall...

... when the revolution comes" are gonna be those computer-illiterate lobotomized, incompetent, ignorant, cretinous, flea-bitten inveterate consumers of MD-20/20 and carefully aged road-kill juice, those shambling pinheaded geneticly defective cackling bastard offspring of a miscegenation between Phyllis Schlafly and the last surviving Stegosaurus, those sadistic twisted sniffers of training pants and bicycle seats, those ....iiiinnnnhhhaaalllleee.... vacant, vapid, characterless pimples on the ass of progress, those flatworms, those SMALL DRIED UP PIECES OF CAT SHIT SOAKED IN FUEL OIL ON FOUR LEGS that Microsoft alleges are the "developers" of the MS/DOS "operating system"!!!!



Those paltry piddlers of pathetically Pascal-ized putridity! If ever they were actually allowed out of their cages, and exposed to their "user community" they wouldn't last 30 seconds. McDonalds wouldn't even be able to make hamburger out of what could be swept up afterwards. They probably don't have blood anyway, just something resembling East River bottom sludge diluted with old transformer oil and toluene! DEATH BY SLOW TORTURE IS TOO FUCKING GOOD FOR THEM!!!!


PS. If you liked this flame, and would like to do one of your own, walk up to a PC with a floppy disk. If you type:

copy filename/b + ,., c:\outpath\filename
filename on the floppy is copied to \outpath, with the date set to today's date. This is the documented way of changing the file's date & time. Now, try this:

cd \inpath
copy filename/b + ,., c:\path\filename
Surprise, surprise! Microsoft's Dumb O/S just concatenated all the files in directory \inpath appearing after filename together and put it in \outpath as filename. Wasn't that smart of it? Oh, powers above and powers below, call down a murrain on these turkeys! Smite them, again and again!!! If somehow Jerry Ford, Elvis's ghost and 3 Ewoks ever got shut up in a room to write a command parser in Basic for a new 8008-based personal computer being introduced by Ronco (It sliced, it dices, it prints! But wait, there's more...), they would be hard put to do a worse job! Even if it's documented, I don't care - it is STILL BRAINDAMAGED!!