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Below is a list of site mailing aliases that exist which you are welcome to join or send email to.

We do not appreciate spam being sent to any of these lists. Any spam sent to our lists will be reported on to the ISP's involved in hopes that the spammer's accounts are revoked/killed/cancled.

Mailing Alias Mailing Archive To Join Description __________________________________________________________________________________

announce@art.net Open to members of art.net announce archive as well as people outside of announce-request@art.net art.net. It's a announcement forum for art shows and events.

artists@art.net All members of art.net are artists archive are on this list. It is an artists-request@art.net internal mailing list for use by our site members only.

artlaw@art.net A discussion group about law artlaw-request@art.net issues pertaining to art and art on the Internet. This is brand new... and is open to people in the Internet community as well as artists on art.net

auctions@art.net Is a list for artists who are auctions-request@art.net coordinating the art.net art auctions.

collab@art.net The Artists Collaboration Project collab-request@art.net happening on art.net includes such projects as the WAM project. This is for art.net artists only at this time.

guestbook@art.net Where all the guestbook guestbook-request@art.net signages for art.net go. (very heavy list)

help@art.net Where you can send mail with help-request@art.net questions about webbing and art, etc. Volunteer artists from art.net are standing by to answer questions.

jobs@art.net Where you can send mail with jobs archive postings of art related jobs. jobs-request@art.net This list is also open to people who are not members of art.net.

reviews@art.net Is an internal reviews alias reviews-request@art.net that we use to critque each others spaces. * By default, new members are added to this list.

talk@art.net Open to members of art.net talk-request@art.net as well as people outside of art.net. It's a discussion forum for all sorts of topics. Anything goes here.

wam@art.net Is a web artist moo project that wam-request@art.net some of us are collaborating on.

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