Raymond Loewy
Archives of a Designer

Paris, March 25th, 1995

Dear Sir and Madam,

On June 10th 1995, S.C.P. Faure et Rey, Auctioneers in Rambouillet (France), will sell at auction the Archive of the late Raymond Loewy (1893-1986).

The archive (40 linear meters, 120 feet) offered intact as a single lot, constitutes the greater portion of his life's work as represented by drawings, photographs, files of correspondence, patents, press-clippings, memos, models, films and sound-recordings, affording for the first time, a unique opportunity for both research and development of exhibitions and publications.

Major American institutions such as the Smithsonian Istitution, University of Texas, and the University of Saracuse already house the archives of his peers, Arents, Bel Geddes, Buckminster Fuller, Dreyfus and Teague.

We have enclosed a brochure* underlining his main achievements, a list of his clientele, a biography, a bibliography and a list of major exhibitions of his work.

A Raymond Loewy Research Center or Museum would be a very powerful tool and a major contribution to scholarship in the field of design. This archive documents a history that touches on every individual in the civilized world.
It is a unique opportunity.

We invite you a private viewing of this exceptional archive during the months of April and May in Paris; please contact us at tel: (1) 40 29 01 31 or
fax: (1) 43 43 48 53 to setup an appointment.

We look forward to meeting with you and having the opportunity to further entertain your interest in this material.

Thanks you very much for your attention to this matter, we hope to be in contact with you very soon.

Faure & Rey, Auctioneers.

Note: It would be most appreciated if you were to mention this forthcoming sale to your members.

* Please see our World Wide Web site.